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About bibic

bibic - a small charity with a BIG job to do!

For every 100 babies born, 7 have a disability

Looking after a child who has a disability is not easy

Children with a learning disability are often socially excluded and 8 out of 10 are bullied

Knowing your child cannot communicate or make friends with other children is heartbreaking

Watching your child struggle with the simplest task leaves a lump in your throat

With only 1 in 13 disabled children receiving a regular support service of any kind from the government the demand for bibic's life changing service is overwhelming

Perhaps today you will make a difference?

Because your donation of time or money will help to change a child's life...forever

Today you could be the shinning beacon for a desperate mum or dad

Today you can offer them the chance of a better life for their child and hope for the future

Your support will pay for specialist therapists to work directly with disabled children and their families. Children will learn to smile, play with friends, learn to communicate and perhaps one day even live an independent life.

We can't change lives without you. bibic is a small charity with a BIg job to do. We are doing our best but we need your help to fund more therapists.

The demand for our service is overwhelming. bibic receives no government funding.

If you would like to know more please call me for a chat - Carla 01458 253344 or email

Or you can read more about how your support will make a difference by visiting

Thank you x

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