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About Wester Hailes Youth Agency

The Wester Hailes Youth Agency works with young people aged 8-25 in South West Edinburgh. The Youth Agency's aims are to relieve poverty and disadvantage, to advance learning and to further participation and citizenship.

We believe that the needs, abilities, and aspirations of young people should be recognised, understood and met within a supportive environment, which encourages them to achieve their goals and improve their outcomes. We work with over 1,260 young people and in order to achieve our aims we provide the following services:

  • Drop in Provision
  • Detached Youth Work
  • Environmental Work
  • Schools Work
  • Group Work
  • Individual Support.

We are responsive to the needs of young people and develop our services accordingly. The young people we work with face huge issues in their lives and we aim to provide services that are easy to access in their community and which complement each other.

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