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WORLDwrite is an education charity with a long history of providing volunteer lead educational programmes and youth exchanges across the globe. The charity set up the pioneering online Citizen TV channel WORLDbytes. It provides free professional film and TV training to young people, ensuring they can produce programmes which question the way the world is & champion the best for all. With over 1000 videos produced with young learners, the charity has also produced much acclaimed documentary films on suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst and C.L.R. James. Their unique production history, made with 100s of volunteer learners in front and behind the camera prove everything is possible if we give young people the facility to make great works.

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Antony Wroe WORLDwrite WORLDbytes £100.00
Ceri Dingle The WORLDwriteWORLDbytes Appeal £5,000.00
Fraser Myers WORLDwrite WORLDbytes Christmas Appeal £5,000.00
Ceri Dingle For Millie putting money where our mouth is £600.00
A.Anthony Fernandes AAnthony Tonys WORLDwrite CitizenTV Appeal 31st Jan 2017 £2,016.00
Marisa Pereira Marisa is raising money for WORLDwrite WORLDbytes £5,000.00
Marisa Pereira Fundraising Page for WORLDwrite WORLDbytes £5,000.00

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