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Us in a Bus work with those who find communicating and connecting with the world (and especially the people in it) difficult. They may find the everyday things we take for granted; talking to friends or sharing a joke a challenge. We deliver Interactive Services to 220 people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs every week in Surrey, Greater London and the surrounding areas. They may not use words to communicate so we learn their language in able to make those connections. We believe that being connected with others is a basic human need. Our aims are to lesson isolation and build relationships through being connected. Many of our Interactive Sessions are joyful experiences and we believe the impact of our work spreads way beyond the hour we spend with the people we support. By providing opportunities for connection we believe our work can increase self-confidence and self-esteem which in turn can have a positive impact on behaviour and relationships with others. We also train and coach those caring for or supporting people with communication challenges and travel across the UK delivering workshops and courses on the techniques we successfully use to make connections.

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