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Brachial plexus; A complex network of nerves, arising from the spinal cord that supplies the arm, hand and part of the shoulder with all movement and feeling. There are varying degrees of injury and each individual case varies greatly from any other. Created by and for adults who have a Trauma Brachial Plexus Injury (TBPI) the purpose of this much needed support group is to supply information and support to adults coping with a TBPI and to help achieve a better understanding of the impact these injuries may have on the individual and their family.

Our website contains a wealth of information about every aspect concerning the injury largely compiled by people who have first hand experience. We have medical information supplied by the most eminent hospital teams in the UK that specialize in Brachial Plexus Injuries, legal advice from one of the top firms in the country specializing in traumatic injury, help with social security issues, pain management and much, much more.

We have our own messageboards where everyone can 'talk' to each other and also Facebook and Twitter

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