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Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) is a small charity doing big things to support the landscape, environment, communities and economy of the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding area. Since 1996 weve helped to deliver over 1,900 inspiring projects worth more than £27million. Our work evolves to meet the changing needs of this special landscape and the communities within it. Current projects include: Restoring rare wildflower hay meadows, home to hundreds of species of wildlife Providing education and training for local young people through life-changing apprenticeships Planting new broadleaf trees to create native woodlands Providing grant funding and support to a wide range of initiatives that benefit communities across the region Enabling disadvantaged groups from nearby urban areas to experience the health and well-being benefits of spending time in the countryside, often for the first time Access improvements, such as repairs to footpaths, stiles, dry stone walls and interpretation panels Enabling primary school children to learn about farming, food production, wildlife and the natural environment through farm visits We could not do any of this vital work without the support of people who love the Yorkshire Dales. You can find out more at

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