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The Parent House was established in 2000. We operate from a small, welcoming house beside three social-housing estates in Kings Cross, Islington. We aim to tackle child poverty by supporting isolated vulnerable parents to overcome multiple barriers that prevent them from making progress. We help parents feel supported, valued and confident. We believe that when parents achieve, children and communities thrive. We may be a small team of 8 staff and around 40 volunteers, yet we work with over 400 parents each year. The parents come from diverse backgrounds. The majority are women who experience significant barriers which prevent them from moving on. These barriers range from poor qualifications, to low self-esteem, mental health issues, unemployment, lack of childcare, isolation, poor English and having a disability. We understand how to support parents, know about the importance of non-judgemental listening, treating parents as individuals and offering a safe space where they can make decisions that will help them progress. We are continually developing our work, marrying consultation and support in creative ways. We provide well considered quality assurance systems for all our courses, supervision, childcare and individual support, so that parents receive appropriate services for their needs.

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