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The Lord's Taverners founded in 1950 is the UK's leading youth cricket and disability sports charity whose objective is to give disadvantaged and disabled young people a sporting chance.

We envisage a future where all young people, irrespective of background and ability, have the everyday opportunity to play sport and enjoy physical activities to the benefit of their self-esteem, health, education and future socio-economic potential.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of disadvantaged and disabled young people through sport and recreation. Our programmes support some of the most marginalised and at risk young people in the UK.

We create a range of opportunities for young people from deprived areas and those with disabilities to engage in sport and recreational activities in their local communities.

Our outcomes:

  • Increase opportunities for regular participation
  • Motivate young people to engage in sport
  • Improve health, social and psychological wellbeing
  • Empower volunteers, coaches and teachers to deliver training sessions

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