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The Jubilee Sailing Trust is a United Nations accredited disability charity promoting equality, integration, cooperation and understanding between people of different ages, abilities and backgrounds through the challenge and adventure of tall ship sailing. This is the medium by which we challenge social barriers to disability: creating the opportunity for an integrated mixed-ability voyage crew to work together. For our non-disabled crew we change perceptions and attitudes and break down fears and anxieties about communicating with someone with an impairment or disability. By doing this we create a more inclusive world, providing far reaching benefits for both disabled and non-disabled voyage crew long after the journey has taken place.

Since 1978 nearly 50,000 people have sailed with the Trust, with around half of those individuals having a disability or impairment. This includes those with sensory impairments, amputees and people with spinal injuries or conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Epilepsy and Paraplegia. In order to support as many people as possible we work in collaboration with a wide variety of charitable partners.

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