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We believe that every little help counts!!!! It might be a small act of kindness from us, but for the animal or the person that we help, it makes a big difference to their lives, and very often, change their whole world. Evenstar is powered entirely by volunteers who are passionate that those fortunate enough to have, should make it their life mission to help those with less, those who have no voice and those who suffer because of where they are, regardless of species, race, gender or age.

Currently Raising Money For The Evenstar Charitable Association

Name Campaign Goal View Sponsor
Yolanda Lacey Sponsor Thursday's Leg Operation £1,600.00
Yolanda Lacey Help 3 Abandoned and Abused Kitties Fly to Manchester £1,500.00
Yolanda Lacey Help Kevin Get to HIs New Home in Denver £285.00
Yolanda Lacey Help 4 Kittens Pay their Vet Bill £500.00
Yolanda Lacey Help 4 Kitties Fly to Their New Homes in London £2,000.00

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