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The Barn Owl Trust is a small grass-roots charity working tirelessly to protect and conserve Barn Owls and their environment. This is achieved through practical conservation work, provision of information, education, training and research. We run an Owl Hospital where we care for casualty birds. Every effort is made to return birds to the wild. Any bird that cannot be released remain here in our genuine sanctuary - a place of peaceful retreat. The Trust also operates an extensive website giving access to the widest and most comprehensive range of Barn Owl information available anywhere. Our aim is to increase Barn Owl survival rates and nesting success, which means improving owl habitat and food supply whilst also tackling the causes of mortality. Working closely with farmers and landowners we create areas of Barn Owl habitat which also benefits the huge range of other species that inhabit rough grassland. We provide Barn Owls with perfect places to roost and nest by erecting safe nestboxes. We work to ensure that the needs of Barn owls are taken into account where planning applications threaten occupied sites. We are the main source of Barn Owl training for Ecological Consultants & Surveyors across the UK.

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