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St Helena Hospice exists for the patients and families we serve in North East Essex and the Colne Valley area of mid-Essex. We help local people with an incurable illness to live well and die with dignity and choice. Hospice care is about care not cure and supporting the whole person; not only does this focus on patients' medical care and physical symptoms but also their emotional and spiritual needs and the needs of their loved ones. Many people think of hospices as a building. We do have some great facilities such as a 15 bedded Inpatient Unit and two Therapies and Wellbeing centres but the majority of our work takes place in the community, supporting people in their own homes. We also have bereavement services which offer support to any individual in the area who has experienced the death of a loved one, not just those who have been in contact with the hospice. All of St Helena Hospice services are free for people to access. The cost of running our hospice is around ££8.7 million a year. More than two thirds of this cost is raised through the support of the local community; people like you.

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