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  • Sams Armed Forces Support Hub CIC is a non-profit organisation specially selected and approved by the Wonderful Organisation.

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SAMS Hub provides essential services and support to the Armed Forces community, including dependents in St Helens and its surrounding areas, along with all serving personnel, reservists, early service leavers, veterans, and their families. Any beneficiary simply needs to have received one day’s full pay from the Armed Forces.

We provide a place to feel welcome amongst fellow serving personnel, and offer direct access and bespoke referral pathways to our strategic partners. These include:

  • The Citizens Advice Bureau
  • The Royal British Legion
  • Greater Manchester West NHS Trust (Military Veterans Service)
  • YMCA
  • Job Centre Plus
  • Bridgewater Community NHS Trust Homeless Team
  • Tom Harrison House

We currently work with a number of employers who are able to provide employment-based opportunities, work experience placements and volunteer roles to those who have serviced in the Forces. We also provide a mentor programme for those who need further mentoring support, along with a commissioned non-clinical wrap around support service contract for the Greater Manchester West NHS Trust and a drug and alcohol support service.

Though we worked primarily with the Armed Forces community, homeless people and ex-offenders, our vision is to provide social inclusion. This means that we are aiming to provide this much-needed support, mentoring and advice to all adults and citizens in the local community who need it.

We deliver structured training programmes to people within the community who require our services, working with established existing partnerships in the community and building upon these relationships to create a positive impact on the wider community. We provide the necessary support to ease the transitions, which not only benefit themselves, but also their community. Our aim is to reduce the harm and potential risks to our clients Health & Wellbeing and also reduce the effects on the community when people are not achieving their best outcomes. Our mission is to empower our clients, providing them with ample opportunities to improve their quality of life.

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