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About Million Minutes

Million Minutes is a young, dynamic charity working to see every young person given a voice and using it to make a positive impact. Will you join in supporting us?

We launched in 2011 with the support of Delia Smith, Margaret Mizen and Fr Christopher Jamison. Our mission is to enable young people to be the difference in the world. Too often young peoples enthusiasm and creativity is underestimated. They get shut out of decision-making, stereotyped, and scapegoated for societys problems. And its not right.

So we develop new and innovative projects that help empower young people, inspired by the principles of Catholic social teaching to preserve the dignity of all human beings, to care for creation, and to reach out to those in need.

We deliver:

  • siLENT, a way to engage more deeply in the season of Lent while raising money to support our grants fund;
  • The Celebrating Young People Awards, an awards ceremony honouring young people who exemplify the principles of Catholic social teaching;
  • A new project developing a model for local detached youth work using the skills and energy of parish communities;
  • our grants scheme, awarding grants which promote and support youth action and youth advocacy.

Currently Raising Money For Million Minutes

Name Campaign Goal View Sponsor
Stuart Wilson silent2018 £250.00
Daniel Curtin siLENT 2018 £500.00
S Lipner INCENSED Silent Coffee Morning £100.00
SSPP-Confirmation Group siLENT 2018 £1,000.00
Margaret Mizen siLENT 2018 £250.00
Fr Dominic siLENT 2018 £250.00
Nathaniel Scherer siLENT 2018 £250.00
Fr Dominic Howarth siLENT 2018 £250.00
Jo Lane Jo is siLENT on social media £250.00
Holly Bowman siLENT 2018 £250.00
Senaniso Ndebele Million Silents £150.00

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