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About Metanoia Project

Proclaiming the Good News of God’s Kingdom

A Catholic charity for the New Evangelisation, ministering to people of all ages, proclaiming the Word and serving the poor in the Preston area and beyond.

Working alongside local Schools, Parishes, Priests, People and other organisations we offer both the initial proclamation of the basic Gospel message and on-going discipleship to help build and strengthen the Church.

Through various groups, which cater for everyone between the ages of 8 and 80, we aim to offer opportunities for a deeper encounter with Christ which will inspire and envision Catholics to be excited about their faith, whilst equipping and supporting them to share that faith with others through both proclamation and very practical service within their local community

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Tushar Jain Central Lancashire Half Marathon 2018 £500.00
Joseph White Central Lancashire Half Marathon 2018 £1,000.00
Jonathan Lord Central Lancashire Half Marathon 2018 £500.00
Mike Crowther Central Lancashire Half Marathon 2018 £3,000.00
James Ayathamattam Central Lancashire Half Marathon 2018 £500.00

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