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Currently there is very little awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and research into finding possible treatments is drastically underfunded. However, over the past few years, with help from charities around the world, clinical trials have begun to take place with encouraging results. It for this reason that we have set up our own charity, Joining Jack, to help move things forward for our son Jack and other children like him. We have always wanted a quiet family life and have never felt comfortable asking for anything, but now is not the time to be proud. We cannot sit back and watch Jack ravaged by this condition if there is any chance, however small, that we can make his future a more positive one. From the bottom of our hearts we are asking if you can join us in the fight to eradicate DMD. You can contribute by making a donation, organising an event or simply following us on Facebook or Twitter and spreading the word about our cause.

Time is precious to us now and for ANY support you can give we will be eternally grateful. They say that children with DMD accept it better than their parents but the day we tell Jack about his illness will be the toughest day of our lives. To know that we are facing a future without our beautiful son is impossible to believe. At least with your help we will be able to tell him that we gave everything we had to this fight of all fights.

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