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Since being founded in 1983, Gaia House has earned an international reputation as one of the world’s leading Insight Meditation retreat centres.

Among the things that make us unique are our beautiful location in the peaceful Devon countryside, and the breadth of our annual programme, which encompasses meditation instruction and teachings drawn from a wide variety of Buddhist traditions.

As the world faces significant challenges and upheaval, Gaia House offers a unique refuge from life’s stresses, providing a supportive environment in which people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to discover how to transform their relationship to life by learning to live more wisely and kindly, for the benefit of both themselves and others.

Over the last 20 years the demand for what Gaia House offers has increased significantly. Every year now, more than a thousand people access the life-enhancing experience of a retreat at Gaia House, and our facilities are stretched to the limit.

To address the challenges we are experiencing, we are planning a significant building development project to ensure that we can continue to deliver Gaia House’s transformative work now and into the future.

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