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EMERGE 3RS aims to conserve resources and improve the environment through waste reduction, re-use, recycling, and sustainable management of resources for public benefit; to relieve poverty, preserve and protect good health by promoting good nutrition. We run FareShare Greater Manchester which redistributes surplus in-date food from the food industry to our Community Food Members (CFMs). The 870 tonnes of food we managed last year provided over 2 million meals to those in greatest food poverty. Our 230 CFMs support a wide range of disadvantaged people e.g homeless, asylum seekers, the elderly, families and schoolchildren in breakfast clubs and those suffering from mental or physical health problems or addiction issues.

Our social enterprise EMERGE Recycling provides waste and recycling services to customers across Greater Manchester from businesses to schools and community organisations. We also run Touch Wood, which collects redundant wood to sell to the public and turns it into a range of products, including planters, benches and bespoke furniture.

Committed to our volunteers, we run Give and Gain, a training programme offering a level 2 NVQ qualification. Our volunteer roles seek to share skills, provide a sense of achievement, promote self-confidence and create routes to further training or employability.

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