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About Disability Challengers

Challengers is a registered children's charity dedicated to providing play and leisure opportunities for disabled children and young people. We do this through our play and youth centres in Guilford and Farnham and through our range of community based projects across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

We support any child or young person aged 2-25 and with any impairment. We do not set any geographical boundaries and young people do not have to be on a "disability register" to access our service if they can't access mainstream leisure then they can come to a Challengers scheme. Our unique non exclusion policy means that we do not exclude and will always find a way to support any child who wants to come play at Challengers.

A significant benefit of our service is that it provides families with short-breaks during high pressure times such as the weekend or during the school holidays, enabling them to do "ordinary" activities such as shopping or spending time with their other children. Families have told us that this lifeline of support keeps them strong.

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