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Cumbria Wildlife Trust protects the wildlife in and environment of Cumbria. We think that Cumbria is amazing and we'd love it if you would help us to keep it this way. We are the only voluntary organisation devoted solely to the conservation of the wildlife and wildplaces of Cumbria. Cumbria is well known for the Lake District, our lakes and mountains it's also the county with the greatest diversity of semi-natural habitat and has more sites of national and international importance than any other county in England. By supporting Cumbria Wildlife Trust you will help fund the management of over 3,000 hectares of nature reserves in Cumbria, which include ancient woodlands, flower-rich meadows, extensive dune systems, limestone pavements and outstanding wetland habitats. But we don't just work on our nature reserves we have many projects across the whole of Cumbria including those to restore wildflower meadows that are risk of being lost, our juniper trees, rare habitats or wildlife that needs our helping hand. You will also help us to promote the value of nature conservation and raise awareness of environmental issues to people of all ages and in all walks of life.

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