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Church Housing Trust supports people who have been homeless, by funding the help they need to rebuild their lives. Our roots go back to 1882, when Revd Wilson Carlile began working with homeless people in central London. Today we help more than 4,500 people every year.

We do this by providing funding for emergency beds during the winter. And throughout the year we fund basic essentials such as food parcels and packs of toiletries for people coming to hostels with nothing. Some will be young adults at risk, families, or ex-Services personnel, while others will have had mental health issues, or problems with drug and alcohol misuse, and require specialist support. We help these people to become more confident and healthy through cooking and nutrition workshops, life skills training, and personal support that builds their self-esteem. We pay for clothes and travel so that they can start volunteering or working. We also pay for work-related training, and activities that help them to socialise and build relationships.

Once they have received the help and support they need, we help them to move on to independent living with grants for basic furnishings and household essentials for their new homes.

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