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ChildFlight is a registered childrens charity established in 1987 which specialises in providing flights and holidays to children of all ages, who require medical treatment abroad, have missed out on childhood experiences due to illness or who are socially deserving. As of December 2016 ChildFlight has provided:- Holidays in Florida; children with potentially life threatening or debilitating illnesses, together with their families. ChildFlight has previously provided 657 children and their families with wonderful holidays in Florida. Santa Flights for socially deserving children. 4,656 children have enjoyed ChildFlight Santa Flights. Flights for Children requiring medical treatment aboard. More than 270 flights have been provided for children to travel abroad for treatment and therapies. ChildFlight continues to take pride that it is operated and administered by volunteers, reducing admin costs to less than 1p in each £ donated.

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