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We are an independent local charity supporting people over 50 years of age in Cheshire East through the provision of high quality practical and emotional support. We support over 11,000 local older people each year and offer services including dementia day support, help in the home, free advice, lifestyle support, men in sheds, combating loneliness and more. Our work is supported by the invaluable contribution of 260 volunteers. Our mission is to improve later life for vulnerable, isolated older people in our community, offering advice, information, advocacy, friendship, practical support and activities to support health and wellbeing and continued independence. Our vision is a county where older people flourish. We believe that poverty; isolation and loneliness, poor services, inadequate care and support, discrimination and a lack of respect are unacceptable. In a county with a rapidly ageing population, Age UK Cheshire East's vital work is more important now than it's ever been. By 2033, 47 of people living in Cheshire East will be 50 years of age or above.

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