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Each year 450 UK children are diagnosed with brain cancer. Among these there is a tumour so DEADLY there is no effective treatment or CURE - Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma or DIPG. Arising in the brainstem surgery is impossible and all chemotherapies are ineffective. Responsible for 80 of ALL of the brain tumour death that occurs in children the average survival of a DIPG child is just nine months. There is no direct funding from Governement specifically for this cancer or enough attention from the larger National research charities and the wider public. We are always available for support and advice to newly diagnosed families. Our mission is to raise awareness and provide vital research funds to support new innovations and clinical trials which will give hope to DIPG families in the UK. Through our own events and platform of amazing supporters we have already funded those UK centres closest to making a breakthrough in the treatment of DIPG. This prognosis has remained unchanged for years, time to end decades of despair for DIPG families. We do all this in memory of Abbie, our beautiful daughter who survived for only 5 months after her DIPG diagnosis, she passed away at the age of six.

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